A Fight for the Death

Welcome to the Market Town of Mendisham, with its two churches, two pubs, two schools and now – two funeral directors.

Positioned directly opposite one another across the High Street, the long established firm of Frobisher and Son does not take kindly to the brash newcomers and each decides to keep a close eye on what the other is doing. When an important member of the community is killed both establishments are determined to handle the funeral – no matter what means they need to employ in order to do so.

With more widows than you can shake an Arum Lily at, both establishments set out to fight for the death.


Wed 16th to Sat 19th May 2018
at 8pm - bar opens 7:30pm

Reading(s) and Auditions

Monday 22nd January 2018 for reading

Monday 29th January, Thursday 1st & Monday 5th February for auditions
All at Thorpe Village Hall - 8pm

The cast consists of 5 males and 4 females. The precise ages can, of course, be bent a little!

  • Mr Charles Frobisher, funeral director and owner, very posh 50/60’s (approx. 450 lines)
  • Mr David Thorpe, colleague of C.F., quite posh 30/40’s (approx. 230 lines)
  • James Frobisher, son of C.F. and trainee, very posh 20/30’s (approx. 140 lines)
  • Ms Camilla Bakewell , secretary, very tarty 20/30’s (approx. 40 lines)
  • Mr Bert Spratt, coffin maker, working class Elderly (approx. 120 lines)
  • Mrs Kenworthy, a widow Elderly (approx. 100 lines, only act 2)
  • Mr Ian Burnham, manager of rival establishment, brash/cocky 30/40’s (approx. 110 lines)
  • WPC Seymour, Policewoman, career minded 30/40’s (approx. 110 lines, only act 2)
  • Female Courier , ordinary 30/40’s (approx. 40 lines)

The elderly female has a veil over her for some of the time and ‘make up can work wonders’. The two young male and female actors have to be reasonably similar in age.