At last, after more than a year of cancelling things we can now start to plan things again.

We usually present a major play twice a year – May and November – at Thorpe Village Hall. This May is obviously out of the question, but November is looking hopeful. So, with great relief, we are back doing what we enjoy doing. Our plan is to do an "improbable farce" on 24th to 27th November to give us the laughs and escapism we all need. We can't announce the play yet, as when we do we have to pay real money for the licence to do it, but it will be on here as soon as it is confirmed and the Box Office is open.

However, November is a long way away; so to ease both us, the actors, and you, the audience, in gently, we are aiming to do a short show on 10th and 11th September. "A Taste of British Comedy" will run for about an hour or so, probably without an interval, but with the ability to bring your own refreshments. It will rather depend on the guidelines in place at the time, so, as they say, watch this space.

It would be nice to do something sooner, but as yet we cannot even meet or rehearse in real life; well, we can, but only outdoors, and no more than 6 of us, which makes things difficult. And even the simplest show takes a few weeks to plan, rehearse, costume and set. But that is half of the fun of it; it is certainly good for laughter and social interaction.

It will be great to be back in business.

Valerie Lane, Chairman 25th April 2021

Round the Houses - May 2022

by Diana Raffle

A fast and funny farce by Diana Raffle, with all the usual undressing, re-dressing and cross-dressing, with the added interest of a pantomime cow! Do come and see how that fits into the plot!

An amateur production by arrangement with Stagescripts Ltd. Not suitable for young children.