• Punjab Culture

    Punjab Culture

    Punjab has a rich culture and vibrant heritage

  • Prevent female Infanticide

    Prevent female Infanticide

    Infanticide is the unlawful killing of very young children. It is found in both indigenous and sophisticated cultures around the world.

  • Bhangra

    Bhangra Fever

    The folk dance has been popularised in the Western world by Punjabi musicians

  • Akali Phula Singh and His Turban

    New book from PCA

PCA aims to bring together second generation Panjabi individuals together to ensure that they have the skills and expertise to integrate successfully into mainstream British life

Punjabi Culture

UK Heritage


A unique project that was overtaken by PCA. The PCA has a large catalogue of images related to the World wars and Punjab.

Sikhs Protecting the UK facebook page shows the joint relationship between Sikhs and the UK.



Sikh Research

SRC 2014

Members of PCA provided support in setting up the first Sikh Research Conference in the UK.




Archimedes Press which publishes our books and booklets.

The Forthcoming book: Akali Phula Singh and his Turban will be released soon.




Sikh Studies

Sikh Studies Conference 2014

Members of PCA have been instrumental in setting up the firstĀ Sikh Studies Conference



Heritage news


Started in 2009, the Sikh Nugget is the premier website focussing on Punjab and Sikh heritage.

Th site is also a platform for writers and bloggers to submit their thoughts on heritage preservation issues.

Visit www.sikhnugget.comĀ 




Intensive farming methods, chemicals, GM-food, pesticides, have all taken their toll on the land

Latest Projects